The Fun Zone


Bring your child's imagination to life in our fun-packed soft play area. Featuring multiple platforms, gadgets and sensory experiences, our play area is a fantastic way for your child to expel some energy and develop new skills. You can either join in the fun yourself, or sit back and relax in our upstairs cafe where you can watch your children as you enjoy one of our many artisan coffees, bubble teas or milk shakes.


Given that we take safety seriously, we ask that you take a quick look at our rules section. 



Toddlers (under 2 years): £2.75
Big Toddlers (2 to 3 years): £3.50
Children 4 years and above: £4.10

We do NOT charge extra for weekends, bank holidays and school holidays

Rules and Conditions:


2. Please remove your shoes, but for safety purposes keep your socks on.
3. Keep an eye on your children. The softplay area is not supervised by staff.
4. Breast feeding and bottle feeding welcome in the upstairs cafe, but please do not bring food and drink from the outside for older children and yourself.
5. No sharp objects or toys are allowed inside the softplay structure. We also ask that you don't climb the nets and that you go down that slide feet first.


Please note that we take all complaints seriously and reserve the right to decide if someone should take a break from the play area due to antisocial or dangerous behaviour.


After School Convenience:

We offer a great selection of healthy food for children under 12 years. This is very convenient for busy or tired moms and dads who would like to let their children expend their energy in the soft play, followed by a scrumptious evening dinner prior to settling them for bed at home.